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Security Audit

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System Hardening

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IT Assessments & Forensics

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Security Audit


Security Audit

It is likely to happen that the business website is prone to hackers and may welcome nefarious activities. It is important to perform Web Security Audit which will assist the website from falling prey to hacker’s tactics. No matter how exceptionally your website is encoded, the host equipment will be at risk and face dangerous vulnerabilities. So, it is the right time to automate the testing of website security to find any weaknesses. Veiliux will identify the security issues through Web Security Audit which will routinely test the sites to keep crucial data safe and by not interrupting the visitors. The detailed report will classify all the associated risks and track the progress by eliminating issues. The solid recommendations and facts provided after every test will let your company and IT staff take imperative measure. Get ready to have complete website Security Audit along with fastest reporting, assessment, and detailed instructions to eliminate vulnerabilities and for the immediate assistance of professionals.


Security Audit

If any company or organization has to maintain their security standards, Network Security Audit is one of the critical parts of all IT-based companies. Due to rising risks, increasing security concerns, and new threats have made auditing an integral part to eliminate threats so that they can be further controlled or measured. Frequent network security lets the organization to review security stance which will identify risk factors, and categorize the severity as well as the priority level. Risk management is also a part of Network Security Audit service. Network Security Audit service involves: • Audit scope identifies the environment and describes the scope. • Through proper assessment, risks and threats will be identified after information gathering. • Risks will be categorized on the of threats severity. The analysis will help to recommend best practice for business.

Mobile App

Security Audit

It is true, consumer apps or enterprise apps share common threats and cyber risks. Cyber attacks works silently on any system and wreak havoc by developing into the systems. Mobile app security Audit is perfect to find out imperfections in any of the mobile applications by foreseeing the possibilities for upcoming threats and provide reliable measures to fight the attacks. Mobile app security audit meets the industrial as well as commercial standards by detecting mobile app vulnerabilities. However, with Veiliux Mobile app security audit, your app will go through security, technical and operational testing. The experts will help to locate all the critical security problems and provide a comprehensive assessment to repair all issues. Veiliux provides following services through Mobile app security audit: - • Detection of code jammers and protectors. • Application data will be protected. • Source code analysis and audit will help to protect the app in future. • Analysis of stored information in the app will be done. Techniques like Endpoint security analysis, mobile app data transmission security and app analysis will be applied.


Security Audit

IOT is actually booming and has become important in business technology. As IOT is becoming an essential part of our daily lives, it is also welcoming many security risks which are growing rapidly. So, in order to maintain and upkeep a layered security in business, IOT security audit definitely helps. A secure developed IOT will help to manage vulnerabilities in the design process. IOT Security Audit Service allows various organizations to verify and test security issues of all the connected systems. A series of ongoing processes and tests will identify security problems and provide immediate possible measures. Veiliux ensures to maintain security that will resist future malicious attacks. Depending on the company requirements, Veiliux offers IOT security audit with the following: - • Review of an operating system • Review of vulnerabilities, management and security process. • Audit and analysis of application code • Review of hardware devices for safer compliance.



Security bugs and different vulnerabilities definitely result in a financial loss. The primary goal of ICO auditing service is to provide security confidence through various methods. The analysis and review techniques will effectively reduce the risk of logical vulnerabilities and errors. ICO auditing service enables to validate maturity of the firm by providing investors’ confidence. Thus, any software system or program may carry the risk or vulnerabilities. Veiliux trained professional experts will check for errors before the execution of any program. The team will get the codes and smartly audit it by optimizing the code so that it would run efficiently.

Static Analysis

It is true that almost every company focuses on the security and organizations needs to test applications for various threats and flaws. This process is one of the imperative testing techniques which reviews code, search for application flaws, and malicious errors. Static analysis tools assist in performing quality checking of code which is implemented before execution of any software. The process of static analysis will take care of all the applications in no runtime environment. The advantages of static analysis cannot be denied because our experts will evaluate both non-web and web applications which will detect flaws through advanced modeling and scanning. Veiliux static analysis service deals with source code which enables to test the software more comprehensively, and effectively by providing better security for the organization. The experts along with updated static analysis tools provide comprehensive analysis by making the application development more reliable and faster. Thus, Veiliux automated method lessens the resources and effort to perform static analysis by increasing accuracy of results.


In today's competitive and emerging markets, it is important to ensure all of the organizational services and products must meet the national as well as international standards. This helps to fulfill the customer requirements. Verification process checks that the product must meet the specified features and design for definite output. The method must include the testing as well as the inspection of individual components. Before the product is designed or built, verification may be done in a theoretical way which will uncover the problem and is fixed at the beginning. Veiliux verification services provide a benchmark assurance that gives the confidence to proceed in the market with an established product. The verification service offers testing facilities with value-added technical assistance. However, it also ensures that your contract must encompass legal and safety requirements.

Signed Validation

Validation does play an imperative role in the auditing process. It ensures that organizations and its related products are authenticated. It is only possible through a reliable and a thorough audit. Signed validation is an essential measure of the audit process because it maintains and assists in managing the confirmation process. Veiliux ensures to use appropriate and updated tools to gather, verify and sign the correct information. With all the privacy capabilities, one of the popular GPG encryption methods is used for software solutions.

Dynamic Analysis

With the emerging security issues, all types of organizations need to secure information and data with quality assurance. Thus, audits prove to be successful and focus on increasingly standardized and automated environment. Dynamic analysis actually speeds up the process and enables the administrator to make instant sound judgments. It is a process that is taken place when a program is executed or in operation. The test assists in monitoring the system memory, response time, functional behavior and improves the overall performance of the system.Veiliux experts are capable to find out the flaws or any sort of vulnerability during the dynamic analysis. The dynamic analysis service will find flaws in code and will weigh the considerations along with the complexities. The approach will benefit the existence of the product through dynamic testing.


Do you want to determine the effectiveness of documentation for safety process? Then as the business grows, it is best to keep those changes documented which do not let you lose track. Even if it’s a small change, it is good to make a move and get it written to safe from inefficiencies. Each function or module is documented intelligently because most of the people read linearly so the structure needs to be ideal and understandable. Documentation is merely for users of API while similar process such as code comments are written for developers who read the code. Veiliux strives to provide documentation in a regular and simple way. It makes easy for readers and other experts to go through the file and find the specific information. Functions that are missing documentation makes the process lengthy to understand. It is the best practice to utilize documentation for exposed functions. However, the main goal of experts is to maintain consistency so that the readers can glance easily.

Solidity Development

We accept that development and design of various applications is one of the most required demands of all IT organizations. Solidity development is basically written in high-level language assisting in writing ICOs which are designed into bytecode. It is imperative for developers to write secure contracts to avoid vulnerabilities. Solidity implementation assists in developing ICOs across many blockchain platforms. Veiliux solidity development offers high-end crypto solutions. The experts own vast experience in reviewing and building security application because they own deep understanding of latest technology and comprehensive security knowledge to provide top-notch services.

Vulnerability Testing

It is important to understand risk across the organization with vulnerability testing. The assessment is a vital part of security and one of the initial idea to prevent information from attack. With the innovation in technology, vulnerability testing needs to be smarter and must target security gaps. Vulnerability scanner will detect critical flaws which hackers can easily break in. Veiliux experts will run the vulnerability test against the code and will overcome the known attacks with preventive measures. The dynamic filters will easily scan the code ensuring to reduce the risk. The process of vulnerability testing is comprehensive and time-consuming but it is a perfect fit during the development stages. It is effective and ensures maximum security.

Network Predictions

We cannot deny the fact that all IT firms focus on future but the connection of network predictions and latest IT trends helps to inform will latest industry insights. Several defects and entities are identified in a software system before it is released. According to the latest research, it is predicted that network metrics can perform more efficiently at predicting defects than the source code. Veiliux network predictions during the real-time have become one of the critical processes and prove to be a great success. It will definitely break through the network troubleshooting and fill in the security gaps by monitoring infrastructure of the software system because traditional security techniques won’t work anymore.

Investor Outreach

Someone has said it true that Investor outreach is indeed an art. It does require an exceptional set of skills, in-depth knowledge and good command on regulations. The main goal is to successfully influence the capital market and assist in the management of better company valuations. Investor outreach assists in increasing visibility, build awareness and also facilitates investment decisions. Veiliux team offers a unique opportunity to its clients with the necessary tools, networks, and skills to look for better business strategy, operations and model. It does provide better access to customers, industry experts, and management. The continuous outreach service at right time helps to portray right company vision.

ICO Consultancy


ICO Consultancy

ICO Consultancy Veiliux offers a wide range of ICO services comprising of technical expertise, progressive marketing strategies, and defensive authorized counsel, catering the clients from an idea to an effective and successful ICO.

End To End

ICO Support

Developing legal guidelines and technical snags make ICO a stimulating pathway. Our experts who are leading the industry will become your mate during the whole course of converting your idea into a fruitful business.

End To End

ICO Marketing

Veiliux offers optimal ICO marketing solutions that precipitate the leads, traffic resulting in more capital. Veiliux will take care of your messaging from the ICO to the bounty campaign and will ensure concentrated exposure to your ICO via a massive network of platforms. Veiliux has a competent team of marketing specialists, web and content developers to capitalize on your ICO campaign. We, at Veiliux, provide quality ICO marketing service packages along with the individual services according to the goals, requirements, budget, and time frame of the customers. Our end-to-end marketing services can be further broken down into the following components: s


Validation Analysis

If you have an exceptional idea but you are not sure if it is ready to market or not, then Veiliux is the right company to contact! The experts of Veiliux team will help you analyze your product according to the real world advancements. Our experts will make you understand about the market and will help place your product in accordance to safeguard success.

Roadmap & ICO

Marketing Strategy

Jumping to the implementation from a simple idea is really a tough job! We at Veiliux can assist you in crafting a comprehensive roadmap which will also support the tie frame of your idea while implementation. Our experts will let you design ICO marketing strategies in order to maximize the available resource utilization.


Financial Reporting

Veiliux has built trust relations with its customers by the integrity of its services. This is why Veiliux has formulated a team of financial experts to create, audit, and build reports of the customer’s financial data. Once the ICO is completed, system and the team of Veiliux ensures that the customer’s trust is achieved and maintained.


Board Guidance

Our ICO experience can guide you to make decisions for board members to contribute in giving your ICO the appropriate placement in the market and to build customer trust in future.

Marketing and Product


The value of your token is built on your platform’s performance. If your platform isn’t performing, your token won’t either. Our team creates your post-ICO strategy with a focus on complete operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on management and control.

Token Control

For decentralized platforms, tokens work as the barograph. The dangling control of the tokens indicate that the platform is at risk. The experienced token managers of Veiliux can help you preserve the control of your token ecosystem and exchange updates.

Long Term Business Development

Veiliux aims to help you in developing long term business strategies so that your company could stand out in the market in the future. Team Veiliux will help you incorporate supervisory passivity, business plans and growth, and marketing structures.




To gain customers trust, it is important to keep the system secure and information critical especially when it comes to payment card or credit card information. PCI DSS Compliance is established to continuously monitor payment threats and improves the dealing between clients and customer through the enhanced security standards. PCI DSS compliance lets business to protect the information of customers against the payment card fraud or theft. Veiliux offers set of services by enhancing security for customers transactions. The standards facilitate a wide variety of options with consistent data and aim to reduce the associated risk of fraud and theft. Veiliux uses updated tools to increase data security and reach compliance via:- • External and internal cyber threat scanning • Mobil and network security Security and policies procedures and policies



A certified information security ISO 27001 allows protecting the assets and information to ensure compliance legally through a proactive and a systematic approach. ISO 27001 was established by ISO for implementing, monitoring, establishing, reviewing, operating, improving and maintaining organization security system. It will effectively assist in managing the security risks of the company by keeping the information confidential. It helps to protect the assets through a comprehensive procedure of security assets. However, an organization facing loss, corruption or misuse is applicable to use ISO 27001 service that will help to protect the business from adverse effects in future. Issues will be addressed to protect the computer fraud. Veiliux ISO 27001 security standard features are as follows: - • It will harmonize the structure of management system. • The security standard will improve the security management system by putting emphasis on information and data. • It will clarify the requirements of an organization regarding security. The risk assessment and associated processes will eliminate threats.


Compliance App

To improve the National Electronic Security Authority, NESA compliance app offers set of guidance in many government critical sectors. The compliance with a set of standards is important and essential because the complete information includes various documents such as IAS and CIIP. However, NESA is comprehensive standard which helps to protect the advanced cyber issues and threats. Veiliux NESA compliance service is not limited, its scope is large and varies from entire organization to industry. The tiered approach will determine the inherent risk of security controls and helps to overcome initial difficulties faced by the company. Frequent monitoring will iron out vulnerabilities and definitely accelerate the process. The main aim of the standard is to boost cybersecurity awareness at national levels. NESA also offers a federal framework for cyber risk merely for international standards and best practices. NESA compliance app will easily recognize, identify, monitor, assess, communicate and plan security against cyber threats.



If you are looking for promised solutions, Veiliux offers HIPPA requirements and guides seamlessly for the world-class support. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act were formed to protect patient’s critical health information since 1996. Under the HIPAA compliance, all organizations are bound to follow the rules because it covers the health plan. All of the companies lying under HIPAA compliance ensures to protect health information. Veiliux offers a comprehensive solution and easy implementation so that the data cannot be compromised. The rules and security standards assist to protect the availability, integrity, and confidentiality. However, HIPAA ensures to deal with all the required network, process and physical security steps that are followed and implemented. Key benefits of HIPAA compliance are as follows: - • HIPAA allows aligning security policies by maintaining and demonstrating compliance. • Best practices will educate the employees to safeguard health information Risk analysis will reduce the threats by keeping the information safe



To eliminate potential risks and maintain data security procedures, Control Objectives for information and related technology framework provides procedural expertise to any type of organization. This best practice is introduced by ISACA for proper IT management and governance. COBIT assists in urgent need for management and development of essential levels of security and internal controls in IT that have become crucial in all business operations. It is important for an organization to understand the drawbacks and risks of IT management system to achieve an adequate direction through COBIT compliance. It is merely designed to achieve IT objectives and goals through recommended Veiliux practices. Numerous benefits of COBIT are as follows: - • It optimizes the complete cost of technology-related services. • Assists in accomplishing operational excellence through effective and efficient technological application. • It acts as a bridge by maintaining and managing IT threats and prioritizing them at an acceptable level. • Lets an organization to achieve desired benefits through the innovative use of business strategic plans. • Provides complete support to IT firms to implement regulations, laws, and business-oriented policies. Upkeep the critical information to support business decisions.

Incident Reponse

Almost every organization seek professional help to respond to cyber risks immediately in an effective manner. It is difficult for the organization to recognize qualified experts who respond in an appropriate manner while protecting sensitive information. The experienced and best consultant will assist the organization to handle cybersecurity threats and incidents in an appropriate manner. The consultants will make use of the essential elements needed to serve the incident response and recovery efforts. It will prioritize the response activities and will fulfill the specialized needs of the organization. High-level procedures will define responsibilities by eliminating delays. It will definitely minimize the impact of cyber threats and breaches. Veiliux provides security incident response service to assist the organization to investigate and recover cyber incidents. The advanced capabilities and skills will let your organization to: • Identify and recognize the cyber threat incident • Investigate and define objectives of the situation • Recover data, systems, and connectivity • Perform appropriate operation in a good manner Best applied practices will accelerate the IT devices.

System Hardening



Regular secure configuration and monitoring will help to reduce the threats or cyber risks along with system hardening. It is true that organizations are turning to more reliable sources to ensure adequate security. The secure configuration will reduce cyber-attack probability by following proactive steps based on compliance rules. The exceptional framework is used by security administrators to improve the security of storage network. Critical errors will be corrected immediately while automated remediation process will be installed for rapid security misconfiguration. Veiliux experienced team has built the trust by monitoring system hardening and ensuring secure configuration. Proper tools will assist to fulfill right policies to achieve the target. However, hardening the system and secure configuration will maximize security coverage, improves the response time, and minimize disruption after assessments results.


Code Review

Source code review is known one of the effective methods to fix and find errors. Engineers understand, it is difficult to fix bugs during grey box or black box testing, so expert Veiliux developers will conduct operative code review with the comprehensive implementation along with architectural errors. A report with all vulnerabilities will be presented after the analysis. Almost every type of application contains bugs and attacker take advantage of it by gaining access to the affected area, so a combination of manual and automated techniques will do a source code review. Veiliux expert team ensures to perform regular code review to eliminate the effort and cost of fixing security bugs after development. Just take a wise step for your organization through source code reviewing.


Defense In Depth Consulting



The main aim of the red team test is to get the realistic view of vulnerabilities and risk related to people, facilities, and technology. Red teaming involves attack from the real world where sensitive data is compromised. Every red team procedure is operational continuously by using global standard frameworks. A good red team not only find flaws in the security system but also improves the defense operations of an organization. The test will be conducted by experts and trained staff to achieve the following results: - • It will identify hardware, software, physical and even human vulnerabilities. • Lets you get a realistic analysis of risk for the organization. It will also assist in addressing and fixing all the security flaws.



Blue teaming refers merely the internal entities of an organization that takes part in defense security system. The main perspective and mission of blue team is to constantly stay vigilant against cyber-attacks or associated risks. They are exceptionally designed to defend the critical information from attackers and continuously improves the security posture of the firm. Veiliux experts are effective because they own experience to defend against every attack. Blue teams will demand access critical data, log information, network traffic, and threat intelligence data which will be analyzed for future risks. Veiliux offers a unique range of benefits: - • It will lessen the future security incidents and respond effectively to all operating services. • Better integrated security plans will provide great risk management and security awareness to build a structured scenario. Effective processes, strategy, and policies will let the organization adopt best security measures.



With the rapid technological changes, it is essential for the organizations to adapt quick regulations which will strengthen the business through Governance, risk, and compliance automated functions. The strong GRC management offers strong defense system which cohesively works in an integrated system. It will automate, audit processes, monitor risks, and control threats with consistent compliance. Veiliux offers GRC management services to handle related issues of enterprise risk management, effective corporate compliance and risk management. Our professional team monitors, remediate, identifies, exploit, monitor and manages the organizational risks to progress GRC effectiveness.

IT Assessments & Forensics



With the fast-paced life, organizations try to meet goals to maintain scalability and profitability. Yes, organizations stay concerned about business risks and threats because of booming revolution in technology. So, it is important for a firm to have an exceptional IT architecture which will support and secure critical information. A strong established business along with a combination of security tools helps to protect computing environment by following policies. Risk assessment plays a vital role in upkeeping the security of the organization. It makes sure that all of the installed frameworks and procedures stay safe from any lapses. Veiliux offers expert approach involving assessment of organization infrastructure, designs, and solutions which will stay best for business. The risk assessment will assist in establishing and developing procedures, policies, establishing a better roadmap for security, security reviews and also help in remediation procedure.


Recovery Assessment

Is your organization well prepared for disaster? If no, it is the right time to set the budget for one of critical failure of IT systems. Disaster recovery assessment is an imperative plan ensuring organization to overcome disasters and stay stabilized. Veiliux experts specialize in assisting all sort of organizations to upkeep the responsibilities of employees, stakeholders, and even their clients. It is important to constantly evaluate, review, and test the effectiveness before any sort of disaster hits organization. The proactive approach will build the foundation by planning and wisely budget the future needs. So, before any disaster hits, it is best to prepare and recover.


Continuity Planning

A good business continuity planning helps an organization to prepare for unseen risks to continue practices. The approach is proactive and refers to all the processes which will be implemented to ensure that all of the critical functions will keep working after a disaster. Veiliux offers comprehensive plans that are able to offer services for long-term challenges to maintain the organization reputation. This works side by side with disaster recovery and is uniquely designed to remediate cyber risks and attacks. The best practices allow the firm to overcome all the problems by reducing the risk of data damage which will improve functionality during the time of emergency.

Block Chain Deveopment

Providing Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)
Application Development with a Platform Skeptical Approach

Enterprise Blockchain

Consulting and Evaluation

Before your investment in Blockchain technology, team Veiliux can assist you analyze the appropriate enterprise blockchain plan for your business. Team Veiliux emphasizes on delivering accessible and zone-specific blockchain applications to upkeep their clients and to recommend enhanced solutions


c Application Creation

Before your investment in Blockchain technology, team Veiliux can assist you analyze the appropriate enterprise blockchain plan for your business. Team Veiliux emphasizes on delivering accessible and zone-specific blockchain applications to upkeep their clients and to recommend enhanced solutions.


Technical Ability

Veiliux assists you in figuring out the factual enterprise blockchain solutions for your firm. Our experts specialize in Smart Business Contracts, Blockchain Data Storage Solutions, Customer Loyalty & Rewards Systems, and many other major applications.

Customized Enterprise

Blockchain Solutions

Veiliux aims to enhance your business via blockchain applications concentrating in finance, supply chain, real estate, and database management. Team Veiliux flawlessly assimilate blockchain technology into your current platforms without disturbing the ongoing operations. Cost reduction, improved efficiency, and exclusion of logical errors and deception are some of its benefits.

Developer Training

Blockchain Solutions

There is a high demand of talented and experienced blockchain developers in the industry but there are only a few in the real world. The experienced blockchain developers in the team Veiliux will vigilantly train your staff to develop and upgrade their knowledge of blockchain technology and its fundamental functions in your business.

Executive Training

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain experts of Veiliux also offer higher level training to the employees having keen interest in learning blockchain. The executive training by team Veiliux insures enterprise blockchain, major and side chains and non-disruptive deployment techniques.

Advisory Services

Blockchain Solutions

Veiliux helps organizations and businesses to flourish through its advisory services. The advisory services include the pre-sale investment strategy design, safeguarding of suitable liquidity when enumerated and maximization of investor exposure throughout the public launch. Our experts will audit your documents and provide you direct access to our immense investor network.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain application development can restructure your business by aggregating contract and trust steadfastness. Blockchain is playing a significant role as a disrupting, transformative technology for generating, sharing, accessing, and guarding digital information. Protect your data while agreeing partners to see and practice what they require in a protected environment. Blockchain development services by Veiliux will assist you pace up your application deployment and observe your progress in performance and efficiency.

Blockchain Benefits

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain is far beyond just cryptocurrency. Major Banks, logistics companies, electronics manufacturers, and many other companies are seen investing and developing in the blockchain. All these projects have something in common with the blockchain application development. Blockchain can be expected to provide you with: Automated processes Create a tamper-proof ledger Cut expenses related to data storage Remove duplicate data and related risks Improve security and trust of transactions Eliminate the need for third-party authentication Increase transaction speed and supported volumes Properly track goods and services throughout their lifecycle

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