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Finance Industry

Every organization has to deal with tons of data mainly in the finance department...

Telecom Industry

With the advancement in technology, it has become difficult for ...

Information Technology

It is difficult for the IT infrastructures to cope with the latest hi-tech...

Health Care Industry

Are you looking for an empowering health transformation?...

Aerospace and Defence Industry

Almost all of the industries lies in the coverage of Cybersecurity, so ...

Oil and Gas Industry

Although Oil and Gas industry has tried to avoid a lot of cyber threats...

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Every organization has to deal with tons of data mainly in the finance department. The data of various employees and customers are sensitive because data vary from names to addresses or even payment information. According to legislation, strict laws and regulations have been applied to the industry to follow regular obligations to avoid risk or penalties to the brand name or to lose customer confidence. However, it is important to understand that every company has to deal with cybersecurity threats which are unrealistic. It is overwhelming to make the decisions because no organization would compromise on the sensitive information. So, the need and demand increase to recognize, classify, identify, detect, protect, remediate or report about data for data loss prevention. Veiliux offers innovative solutions to classify data and the updated tools own unique ability for security solutions. Veiliux is bound to offer high-end cyber security which is intelligent to identify abnormal tracks and will self-learn to us security tools. The optimal solution will be provided to the client to investigate any suspicious activity.



It is difficult for the IT infrastructures to cope with the latest hi-tech organizations. Protection of sensitive digital system and information is a priority of every government and private organization. All companies want to secure their technology along with information so that citizens will improve digital infrastructure to enable prosperity and opportunities. However, cybersecurity helps to protect the sensitive information and technology companies are building and designing security enabled system and products. Following are the factors which will enhance effectiveness on the IT infrastructures after the implementation of cybersecurity solutions by Veiliux. ● Partnering with IT industry will provide innovation, resources, leadership, and effectiveness. ● The implementation will properly reflect the Cyber environment with the accepted standards and best practices that will ensure to promote interoperability and security. ● Cybersecurity will improve the business models and used technologies to response rapid changes in the organization. ● It will facilitate the organization to take serious measures to avoid risks to the environment. ● Cybersecurity efforts focus on bringing awareness among the operations and owners to understand the risks in a better way. ● The implementation of cybersecurity solution focus on the cybercrime and practices will automatically respond to threats, incidents and numerous activity internationally and domestically.



With the advancement in technology, it has become difficult for the telecom industry to manage the massive amount of data and protect it by facing various security threats and challenges. Every telecom company is modernizing and revolutionizing with more innovative services and products. However, this shows that they are becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks and can put the critical information in jeopardy. So, make sure to accelerate and increase efficiency with the growing Telecom needs. Veiliux owns latest updated tools and software which assists in overcoming the challenging situations even at large scale. The extremely powerful intelligent software detects abnormal activity that maintains reliability and availability protecting against pernicious threats to target them.



Are you looking for an empowering health transformation? Then, integrated technology and skills will support various health industries to overcome the challenges and propose better solutions. Remember that Healthcare industry is one of the imperative targets for attackers and most of the health organizations have experienced ransomware attacks. According to attackers, healthcare industries are considered informal target because they lack the resources to defend themselves. The argument is not only about privacy concerns but the cyber threats bring damage to the reputation and also welcomes the threats to corrupt data, steal information or change it without the knowledge of authorities. Impact of security breaches is significant and will allow the organization to follow continuous monitoring, employee monitoring, rapid response, and data loss prevention. Veiliux offers the healthcare industry to stay concerned about the emerging threats which may jeopardize the entire healthcare centers. The specialized team and professionals work with healthcare providers and different hospitals to increase visibility and awareness of all digital behaviors. Veiliux team will achieve success before any damage occurs which will risk the important data.

Oil & Gas


Although Oil and Gas industry has tried to avoid a lot of cyber threats in last few years, cybercriminals are potentially targeting Oil and gas industry due to which many industries are facing troubling statistic. The reason behind the problematic data is the outdated facilities and insecure technologies installed in the industry. However, it is important to remember that automation expose sensitive data to vulnerabilities and cybercrime and oil and gas industry is no exception. Protection of oil and gas industry has become critical but the businesses are taking serious measures on cybersecurity. Following are risks which oil and gas industry may face. ● Violation may result in injuries or even death of workers ● Reveal sensitive information ● Equipment of the industry may damage. ● Product quality may get lower ● Interruption in utilities Veiliux will strengthen the security of critical oil and gas industry against numerous cyber threats which leaves a great impact on public health, safety, and economic stability. the updated tools and equipment will identify high-risk facilities to ensure necessary measures have been taken to avoid exploitation or attack. We will define cybersecurity standards of the industrial level to focus on information security and system reliability. So, partner up for a secure and well-managed foundation.

Aerospace and Defence


Almost all of the industries lies in the coverage of Cybersecurity, so Aerospace and defense industry also need to align with the cognitive industry to harness sensitive information to the new level by connecting well-updated tools. Th machines and equipment help to achieve fast business for better revenue outcomes. Just like other industries, Aerospace and defense sector also face numerous problems in protecting crucial data. The presence of cyberthreat cannot be denied in aerospace and defense industry because defended organizations all over the world are vulnerable to threats. Veiliux powerful machines and efficient solutions ensure to trace, track or remediate sensitive data which is present in the systems. Our teams provide a powerful and progressive real-time solution to the cyber threats. However, protecting organized data over the air-gapped environments and exchange gateways is definitely a good solution.

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