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Veiliux is a cyber security company providing its services in various countries across the globe. When it comes to provide cyber security in UK, Veiliux is one of its kind. Moreover, if one talks about UK cyber security strategy or UK’s cyber security companies, Veiliux is among the top rated company providing the best cyber security strategies. Veiliux also offer its services to identify the cyber security threats and help out in cyber essentials. The company is also trying to dower its services to UK National Cyber Security Center. National Cybersecurity center (NCSC) between the government and the industry to support cybersecurity services.

Security Audit

It is likely to happen that the business website is prone to hackers..


Compliance service offers innovative solutions to all the organizations to overcome..

System Hardening

Any organization is incomplete without proper IT infrastructure. It will consist of various IT..

IT Assessments & Forensics

Yes, it is true that cybersecurity is a critical method. The IT department has to take serious..

Defense in Depth Consulting

Now is the time to facilitate your business with stronger communication..

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